05 May 2006

Bat Out of Wacker Drive

Earlier this week, we were walking out of Victor's office building on North Wacker when we noticed a little dark gray mouse on the sidewalk. No—a bird. No—a mouse. No—a bat. It was not in good shape; when it noticed we had stopped to look at it, it edged a few feet away from us, then went still, wing folded in on one side. We wondered if it was dead. We wondered who we should call. We didn't think Chicago Bird Collision Monitors would be interested in bats. While we were wondering, a seagull swooped down and picked up the little bat in its bill. For a moment. That little bat flapped like mad, startling the gull into dropping it. Now the bat lay on the concrete with its wings spread. We figured it wouldn't be there long. The gull would be back.

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