19 June 2007

Nature in the City

Saturday evening, after Victor had been working all day, we went out for a stroll along the lakefront path so I could show Victor the bird sanctuary I found, just south of the golf course. It's all fenced in, but around the back (on the lake side), there's an elevated platform to make it easy to look inside.

We did not see any rare birds--it made us happy to catch sight of a goldfinch--but we were excited to spot a raccoon (Victor saw two of them). First we've seen in Chicago. Looking out at the lake, we saw a tern dive down and catch a fish. Pretty cool!

But a real highlight of the walk was seeing the purple martin houses, with plenty of purple martin traffic.

After sitting by the lake for a while, the skies darkened and we were caught in a fierce thunderstorm. Arrived home thirty minutes later, soaked. And blissed out.

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Andrew said...

There are at least two raccoons living in our neighborhood; we sometimes spot them late at night treating our alley as a dinner buffet. I'm pretty sure they live in Rosehill Cemetery, just to our south. Neat that you saw them active in the daytime, though!