03 October 2007

From Barack to a Hard Place

Victor and I went with a friend to see this Second City production which has garnered fabulous reviews over the past few months. We went to the show as part of a Theater Thursday event, which began with a panel on art and politics as well as government funding of the arts, and included a reception with drinks and appetizers, followed by the show. The food was catered by Adobo Grill (right downstairs from Second City), so it was delicious, and for $35, the evening was a pretty terrific deal.

The show was also pretty terrific. Very talented performers (our favorite: Amber Ruffin. Beautiful, gifted, magnetic) and some sharp sketches. Not all of the sketches were political, by any means (at first this was surprising, but then--considering what Second City is, it made more sense); all the sketches were uniformly pretty funny. Very much worth seeing and certainly a huge improvement over the traveling Second City show we saw in Columbus some years ago.

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