30 August 2010

I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

No, not the great Warren Zevon song, but the Clive Owen movie.  Sadly.  Because it's not a very good movie, even though it contains Clive Owen, and Charlotte Rampling, and even Malcolm McDowell.  But cast isn't everything.  It's a grim story, about a retired gangster who believes he's wasted his life; and through the course of the movie nothing really changes. You meet grim or feckless characters, you wait for bad things to happen, they do, and the movie just goes on.When the movie ends, it's not clear why it ended then as opposed to any other time.

Probably if it had starred almost anyone aside from Clive Owen, I wouldn't have had the patience to sit through it.  That, and hoping something more would come of Charlotte Rampling's presence in it.

I guess no one is immune to being wasted.

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