12 September 2005

Butterfly Season

Nature is sometimes evident in the oddest places. As I was pondering what to write about tonight, a Gaper’s Block item reminded me of a recent source of acute pleasure. Chicago is being visited by masses of Monarch butterflies. Gaper’s Block pointed to this news article, which explains that drought can be a boon for these creatures, which like hot, dry weather.

All I know is that in Millennium Park (where I have found myself several times in the past couple of weeks), it is impossible to miss these startlingly beautiful creatures. They’re the more striking in such an urban environment. You see one hovering around some flowers in a planter, which is not so strange, but then it flies off, high (you can’t help but follow it with your eyes, it is so purely attractive), so that its only backdrop is the elegant skyline of Michigan Avenue.

Completely incongruous, which is perhaps what makes it such a smile generator.

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