07 January 2009

Milwaukee Treat

For Victor's birthday, we took a train up to Milwaukee, and visited the Milwaukee Museum of Art. We were so delighted with the place, and so sure we'd return, that we bought a membership.

Aside from the gorgeous building, MAM has a very impressive and eclectic collection, spanning decorative arts, ancient artifacts, and classical, modern, and contemporary works. Recommending we visit, our friends particularly praised the soon-to-close Act/React installation and the ongoing Sensory Overload exhibit, which also features relatively recent work. Both of these exhibits were interesting and impressive, but we found ourselves struck by the strength of the MAM's permanent collection as well as less flashy exhibits such as the naturalist art of Mark Catesby and his influence on subsequent artists including Audubon, and a small selection of the work of JoAnna Poehlmann, which I found tremendously charming. Eager to see more work by this artist.

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