28 April 2009

American Violet

We got a free pass to see this movie a couple of weeks ago, based on a true story of a young Texas mother falsely arrested on drug charges. She is offered a plea bargain and is under a lot of pressure to take it (if she accepts the plea bargain, she gets to go home; otherwise, she has to stay in prison, and she's terrified that the estranged father of two of her girls will get custody of them). Her mother thinks she ought to take it, and her court-appointed attorney practically insists she take it. But she refuses, since she knows she's done nothing wrong.

The ACLU gets involved, and she agrees to be the lead plaintiff in a case brought against her county DA.

This movie is nothing fancy. It is a straightforward tale of a struggle against injustice, with excellent performances (including a terrific star turn by Nicole Beharie) and truly inspiring moments.

It is one of those movies that makes you feel things might turn out OK after all.

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