28 April 2009

Architectural Artifacts

Victor and I had the opportunity to check this store out a couple of weeks ago and found a multi-story warehouse full of salvaged furniture, fixtures, and architectural remnants.

At Architectural Artifacts, you can purchase stained glass windows, dental cabinets, ice cream parlor benches, and opera house chandeliers. There is an abundance of hundred-year-old foosball tables, a smattering of stone statues (religious as well as secular), towers of old tiles. It's like a wonderfully eclectic museum, but you're permitted to touch.

We visited on a rainy Sunday afternoon, and found browsing there a perfect rainy-day activity. We look forward to bringing out-of-town guests there; somehow, though it's tucked away in Ravenswood, the store exudes a wonderfully urban atmosphere and energy--sophisticated, quirky, and downright strange.

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