15 August 2005

Korean Festival

We've gotten jaded about neighborhood festivals, having attended close to a dozen this summer. This weekend's Korean festival didn't really light our fire, although we did get to see some kind of Korean martial art where the combatants try and wrestle each other to the ground while holding onto the other guy's belt. The street food wasn't that fabulous, and it's the street food I looked forward to, having read in Saveur some time ago that Seoul has the world's greatest street food. We ate at Dal Paeng Yi Restaurant, on Bryn Mawr, where I was excited to order the "Broiled Mandu (Korean Style)"--never had a broiled dumpling.

As it turned out, "broiled" was a typo. The dumplings came boiled. Quite a disappointment.

Luckily, there was no such miscommunication over the bibimbop, which was fine, though nothing special.

(Victor pointed out that bibimbop is pretty hard to ruin.)

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