26 August 2005

New Yorker Festival, Coming Soon

The 5th New Yorker Festival will be held in a few weeks and yesterday at noon tickets went on sale. I was psyched to buy tickets for readings by Michael Chabon and Stephen King, but I guess a lot of other people were, too. Though I was at my laptop at 12 sharp, I couldn’t manage to make a successful purchase. A message said tickets were not available. Same problem with tickets for the special screening of Nick Park’s new Wallace and Gromit feature. So after several attempts I got tickets for other events and then waited an hour to try again.

You can guess what happened then. SOLD OUT! Boy was I bummed.

But not TOO bummed. After all, I have tickets to see Edward P. Jones and Marilynne Robinson, Richard Dawkins, Mikhail Baryshnikov, and a panel of smart people remembering Auden. And we have tickets to see Twyla Tharp’s Movin’ Out on Broadway the same weekend.

I love going to NYC as a tourist.

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